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The long road of personal injury litigation is overwhelming for victims, especially those still trying to recover. When the unthinkable happens, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers are prepared to take a case from complaint to trial so that you can focus on family, recovery, and rebuilding your life.

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If you’ve been badly hurt in an accident, received improper medical care, or lost a family member because of someone’s carelessness, we can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Personal injury victims face many obstacles when bringing a personal injury claim. They must prove that the other party was at fault and that their injuries were caused by the accident. And they have to handle the tactics of powerful insurance companies that are dead-set on denying responsibility or limiting the value of their claim. At DRS Law, we have the tools to overcome these obstacles and maximize the value of your personal injury claim.

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Understanding Your Atlanta Personal Injury Claim

While every claim is unique, there are four key elements that are required to bring a successful personal injury lawsuit in Georgia. Knowing these elements, and how your case can meet each one, will give you an idea of how an experienced attorney will approach your case.


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Element 1

Duty of Care

When one party is responsible for an individual’s safety or well-being, they owe that individual a duty of care. Many human relationships establish a duty of care, such as parent/child, doctor/patient, or business/customer relationships.

In order to bring a successful personal injury claim, the first thing a plaintiff must prove is that the defendant owed them a duty of care by assuming some degree of responsibility for the plaintiff’s safety.

Element 2

Breach of Duty

The second element that a personal injury plaintiff must prove is that the defendant breached the duty of care owed to the plaintiff. A breach occurs when a defendant fails to adequately provide for the plaintiff’s safety, as required by their duty of care. Examples of such breaches include unmarked wet surfaces in a grocery store, a doctor operating on the wrong limb, or a driver running a red light.

Element 3


A plaintiff must be able to show some type of damages in order to bring a personal injury claim. Damages may include pain and suffering, medical expenses, psychological or emotional trauma, or permanent disability.  Obtaining your medical records and bills will be crucial to your personal injury lawsuit.

Even if a defendant breaches their duty of care, a plaintiff will not have a valid personal injury claim if no damages are shown. Likewise, if the damages are very small—a few bruises or scratches—it is generally not worth the time and expense to bring a personal injury lawsuit.


Element 4


Finally, a plaintiff must prove that their damages were caused by the defendant’s breach of duty. The causation element is the link between the defendant’s wrongful action and the plaintiff’s harm; if no causation can be shown, then the defendant’s act and the plaintiff’s harm are unrelated, and the plaintiff cannot recover.

When establishing causation, a plaintiff must show that the defendant’s action was both the proximate or legal cause, as well as the “but-for” or actual cause, of the plaintiff’s harm. Proximate cause means that the defendant’s action was sufficient to cause the plaintiff’s harm, and “but-for” cause means that the plaintiff’s harm would not have occurred without the defendant’s action. If a plaintiff cannot prove both proximate and “but-for” cause, the link between the defendant’s action and the plaintiff’s harm will not be strong enough to support a personal injury claim.

What To Know About Your Atlanta Personal Injury Case

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Atlanta, Georgia or surrounding areas, you may have questions. The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at DRS Law have the answers. Read on for more information.

1. The Statute of Limitations in Georgia

The statute of limitations in Georgia is two years in personal injury cases.  A statute of limitations is the time window you have to bring your case. If you don’t bring your case within two years, your case will likely be dismissed as untimely. There is obviously a bit more to this, so having a good Atlanta personal injury lawyer on your side is crucially important.

2. Comparative Fault

Comparative fault is a doctrine that allows the jury to compare your fault with the fault of the defendants. In Georgia, a plaintiff must prove the defendant was greater than 50% at fault or else the plaintiff recovers nothing. Because defendants almost always try to argue that fault should be apportioned to the plaintiff or other responsible parties, it’s important to have the best Atlanta personal injury attorney you can find.

3. Damages Caps

Some states cap or limit the amount of non-economic damages that a plaintiff can recover for their pain and suffering. But Georgia does not have a cap on non-economic damages. This makes Georgia a very favorable jurisdiction for plaintiffs since they can recover the full amount of any jury award for such damages.

Georgia does, however, have a cap on punitive damages. Those damages are desgined to punish a defendant who injured the plaintiff through intentional or reckless conduct. In Georgia, any award of punitive damages against a defendant is generally limited to $250,000.

There are two exceptions to the punitive damages cap in Georgia. If the at-fault party acts with (1) the specific intent to cause harm or (2) while under the influence of certain substances, such as alcohol and drugs, there are no caps on punitive damages in Georgia.

4. The Unanimous Jury Rule

Georgia requires that civil jury verdicts be unanimous.  This means that a plaintiff in a personal injury case must convince 12 of 12 jurors that the defendant was at fault and that the defendant’s actions caused plaintiff’s personal injuries. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers can help you maximize your recovery at trial.

5. Negligent Failure to Settle and Bad Faith Claims

Georgia recognizes negligent failure to settle or “bad faith” insurance claims. These claims can enhance the recovery for a personal injury victim under certain circumstances. A bad faith claim arises when the plaintiff has made a demand to settle within the policy limits of the available insurance coverage, and the insurance company negligently refuses to pay the demand. If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, or trucking accident, it is critical that you have a dedicated and experience accident lawyer who will be sure to submit a time-limited demand to the insurance company and set the stage for a possible negligent failure to settle claim. 


If you or a loved one has been injured in Atlanta, call the Atlanta personal injury and accident attorneys at DRS Law today.

Atlanta personal injury lawyer David Anthony Smith
Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

David Anthony Smith

David is a thoughtful and thorough personal injury attorney at DRS Law. He represents individuals and familes that have been unfairly harmed in accidents in Atlanta and Georgia.

Since 2015, David has handled cases in the areas surrounding Atlanta, including Fulton County, DeKalb County, Cobb County, Gwinnett County, Henry County, and Clayton County. He has also tried cases and appeared in state and federal courts throughout Georgia.

Before joining DRS Law, David worked at two nationally recognized law firms in Vinings and Midtown, Atlanta, defending large corporations and insurance companies. He focused on Atlanta trucking accidents, negligent security, and wrongful death cases. He learned how insurance companies evaluate Georgia personal injury cases and he now uses this knowledge to help regular people instead of corporations.

To win these cases, David gives every case the attention and focus it deserves. He uncovers critical evidence, interviews key witnesses, and finds the human story in every case. He draws on his talent for compelling storytelling and deep understanding of the law to get the best results for his clients.

Outside of the office, David enjoys spending time with his wife, Caitlin — an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate — and their golden retriver, Chili. His outside of work interests include yoga, basketball, and cooking.


David is currently licensed in Georgia and practicing in Tennessee under the authority of Tenn. Sup. Ct. R. 7, Section 10.07 and supervision of David Randolph Smith.

Community Service

David has served as a pro bono volunteer for the Georgia Justice Project, helping to seal and restrict criminal records for first-time offenders. 

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