Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer : 10 Surprising Facts about Motorcycle Crashes

In this post, Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Christopher Smith with DRS Law Personal Injury Lawyers explains 10 surprising facts about Tennessee motorcycle crashes. These facts are taken from the TN Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security’s report on crash statistics, available here.

1. What day of the week do motorcycle crashes happen the most?

Our Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers were surprised to learn that most motorcycle crashes happen on Saturday.Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Days of the Week

 2. What time of year do most motorcycle accidents happen?

Most motorcycle accidents happen in the spring and summer.  Can you guess which month of the year has the most motorcycle accidents in Tennessee?  The answer is September.Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Month of the Year

3. What is the average age of a driver involved in a motorcycle accident in Tennessee?

The majority of motorcycle drivers involved in an accident in Tennessee are under the age of 40.  Most drivers are between the ages of 20 and 30.  Because drivers are relatively young, they typically will have significant lost income and lost earnings.  Our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys have experience in retaining the best experts to prove economic losses and to help you recover the most amount of money possible.Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Average Age of Injured Driver

4. What time of day do most motorcycle accidents happen in Tennessee?

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, most accidents occur in the afternoon, with the peak being at 5:00 p.m. Our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys probably wouldn’t have guessed that most motorcycle accidents in Tennessee occur between 1:00 and 5:00 p.mNashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Time of Day

5. What are the lighting conditions in most Nashville motorcycle accidents?

You may be surprised to learn that over 70% of all Tennessee motorcycle accidents happen in broad daylight.  Lighting conditions appear to play very little role in motorcycle crashes in Nashville or anywhere else across the State of Tennessee.

6. Is bad weather a factor in most motorcycle crashes?

No.  Surprisingly, in 95% of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee, the weather is not a factor.Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Weather is not a factor

7. Do most motorcycle crashes involve more than one vehicle?

Yes, but just barely.  Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents in Nashville and across Tennessee involve only one vehicle.  Roughly 55% of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle.  In single-vehicle accidents, it’s important to have a Nashville motorcycle lawyer who can make the best arguments possible to maximize your recovery.Pie chart depicting Single versus Multi-vehicle accidents n Tennessee motorcycle accidents

8. How often do motorcycle accidents occur in intersections?

Only 32% of motorcycle crashes in Tennessee occur in intersections.  This number was lower than expected for our Nashville motorcycle lawyers, who guessed higher.Pie graph depicting percentage of Tennessee motorcycle accidents occurring in intersections

9. How many motorcycle crashes involve a death?

Thankfully, just 4% of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee involve fatalities.  This is significantly lower than our Nashville motorcycle lawyers might have guessed–and that is good news.Pie cart of injury type in motorcycle accidents in Tennessee

10. Do motorcycle helmets save lives?

In Tennessee, 82% of all fatalities involved compliant helmet use.  That number is a bit discouraging, because it means that helmets may not be very effective in saving lives.  But it is important to remember that a helmet is required by law in Tennessee for drivers and passengers.Pie chart of helmet use in fatal motorcycle accidents in Tennessee

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